Heart Failure Remote Monitoring App

Heart Failure Remote Monitoring App


We help you manage your health from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use app called Luscii.


You get a notification from our app.


You enter your weight, blood pressure and symptoms.


The app sends your measurements to us.


We keep an eye on your data to make sure you stay on track.

“This app is so simple. It tells me when I should take my measurements and connects easily with my scale and blood pressure meter. Also it gives me coaching and education!”

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The Luscii app is the key to our successful home monitoring system. It already has over 20 million international registrations, from young to old, and is trusted by leading doctors worldwide, which is why we’ve incorporated it into our HeartCare at Home programme.

When you sign up, one of our staff will show you how to use the app and take your measurements, but the app itself also helps to guide you through this process.

Take a look at how easy it is to use our app:


Makes it easy to send in home measurements

Our app makes it easy to send in your measurements and has simple questionnaires which help us understand how you’re feeling. If we notice your data fluctuating, we’ll be in touch to check in on you and get you back on track.

Contains easy to understand information

The app also contains simple information that helps you understand and manage your condition at home.

Allows us to respond fast

With the app, you no longer have lengthy waiting times for GP appointments. We get your data fast, allowing us to contact you within 24 hours if you need help. All our existing patients love the extra support they get from HeartCare at Home.

Keeps your data safe

Our app is officially certified as a medical device class IIa. We monitor the privacy of users and have strict security regulations to protect your data. Luscii is clinically validated in line with European laws and is regularly audited by security officers.

Is backed by clinical research

Research from around the world shows Luscii can help reduce your hospital visits, improving your quality of life.